Quick Answer: What No One Tells You About College?

What they dont tell you about college?

15 Things They Don’t Tell You About Going to CollegeYou’ll constantly wear the same three t-shirts to class.

You’ll miss home…and the home-cooked meals that come with it.

The complete lack of motivation to attend/never attending your early morning classes.

You’ll battle it out just to get the best housing.More items…•.

What college students should say?

10 Texts to Send to Your College Student in their First 10 DaysI can remember being anxious and uncertain of this time and age. … I am cheering you on all the way from home. … The first weeks of this college adventure can be tough. … We miss you so much, it’s true. … Remember that the friends you choose in these first days will be as or more important than the classes you choose.More items…•

Is it necessary to attend college everyday?

Is it compulsory to go college everyday?? Yes, It is compulsory to maintain your attendance percentage to 75% to appear for your semester exams as mentioned by the Govt. and followed by many of the colleges. If you attend classes every day you can make notes and refer them at the time of the exam.

What should I bring to college I don’t know?

16 Things No One Will Tell You To Bring To CollegeA Water Bottle.Brita Water Filter.A mini blender.Noise Cancelling Headphones.An EXTRA LONG phone charger.Medication and a first aid kit.A Microwave Ramen Noodle Cooker.Dorm Decorations.More items…•