Quick Answer: How Do You Sanitize Dishcloths Naturally?

How do you disinfect dishcloths?

Steps to Clean the Dish Rags:Fill a pot with water.Bring it to a boil.Add the dirty rags to the boiling water.Boil for 15 minutes.

The boiling water will kill any mold, mildew, bacteria and germs that may be on the cloths.After boiling, wash and dry as normal.

The cloths will be sanitized and smell fresh..

How do I keep my dishcloths germ free?

Remember bacteria live and multiply in damp, warm conditions. Wash your dish cloths and towels on the HOT cycle of your washer and make sure they dry completely on a high setting.

Does microwaving a dishcloth kill bacteria?

Two minutes in the microwave can kill 99 per cent of the germs harboured by kitchen sponges, scientists have found. Dishcloths and sponges are known to breed microbes such as E. coli and salmonella, that can cause potentially lethal food poisoning.

Why does my dishcloth smell?

However, it is very common for them to get a mildewy or unpleasant smell if they are not kept clean and fresh. The reason that dish towels often smell is because they are used to dry off our hands, wipe up our spills and messes and just remove grime or food from all around..