Quick Answer: Does Any Or Do Any?

Has or have after anyone?

Anyone is a third-person, singular indefinite pronoun, but does always goes with have..

Is it no one has or no one have?

“No one” is the correct spelling. Even though “no body,” “some body,” and “some one” have become “nobody,” “somebody,” and “someone,” “no one” has not followed this trend, most probably because “noone” looks unwieldy and would cause pronunciation errors.

Does anyone want or wants?

“Anyone wants…” is the proper form for a statement, for example, “Anyone wants to be loved.” “Anyone” is considered a singular subject and therefore requires the verb form “wants” to be in agreement. Although the sentence “Anyone wants a drink” makes little sense, it’s grammatically well formed.

Does anyone know in a sentence?

In the simplest case, i.e. as a two word sentence, ‘Anyone knows. ‘ is the correct answer, as it works as if you separated the word ‘anyone’ into ‘any one’. (Any one knows.) … ‘ In each case, we are changing the verb ‘will’ and leaving ‘know’ alone, so this answer doesn’t directly answer your question.

Do any of you have or has?

“Do any of you have…?” is correct because you is the second person plural pronoun in this case, requiring the plural form of the verb do. “Does one of you have…?” would be correct because the singular form of the verb goes with ‘one’.

Is any of you singular or plural?

When any of is followed by a countable plural noun, the verb can be in either singular or plural form, but a singular verb is more common in a formal style: “If any of your friends is/are interested, let me know.”

Does any of your friends?

“Does any of your friends . . . ?” does not work at all. Partitive constructions with “any” take a plural verb when they involve count nouns.

Does anyone of you or do anyone of you?

Do you know why ‘Does anybody’ is correct? ‘Anybody’ is a third person singular form and takes -s in the present simple tense. That’s why the question form requires -s and ‘Does anybody’ is correct. The same would apply to ‘Does anyone’, ‘Does anything’ etc.

Has anyone did or done?

“I have done something” is correct. “I did something” is simple past tense. It means you performed the action at some time in the past and it is now complete. “I have done something” is present perfect.

Did anyone find or found?

Therefore when ‘did’ has been used to make the main verb interrogative , the main verb ‘ found’ will come back to bare infinitive form ‘ find’. ‘Did you find? ‘ is correct.

Do everybody or does everybody?

Singular: use does. Plural: use do.