Quick Answer: Can You Betray Molag Bal?

How do I speak to Molag Bal?

Molag Bal orders you to find the priest and bring him to the shrine so he can make the priest submit.

The priest is in Bruca’s Leap Redoubt, northeast of Markarth.

You can find the priest, Logrolf the Willful on the northeastern edge of the camp.

Talk to him and choose any conversation option to free him..

Is Mace of Molag Bal good?

The best Maces in Skyrim Molag Bal is only 1 damage lower than Dragonbone Mace but is much lighter, meaning a higher overall DPS – but this can be overcome with strong enchantments to the Dragonbone Mace. Same with Stalhrim, this time with the bonus enchantment damage making it a stronger choice overall.

Can you buy the abandoned house in Markarth?

The Abandoned House is located in Markarth next to Arnleif and Sons Trading Company. Although abandoned, the house is fully furnished. It has three rooms and a tunnel in the basement leading to a shrine to Molag Bal….Skyrim: Abandoned House.Home: Abandoned House (view on map)MarkarthSpecial FeaturesShadowmarkEmpty8 more rows•Oct 20, 2020

Is Mace of Molag Bal leveled?

The mace’s enchantment is not leveled to your character so it can be a very powerful weapon for the early levels. The mace is useful as a powerful weapon, and is useful for debilitating enemies.

Who is Mephala in Skyrim?

Mephala (also known as Mafala to the Khajiit) is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is obscured to mortals, also known by the names Webspinner, Spinner, Spider, Teacher of the Secret Arts, Queen of the Eight Shadows of Murder and the Anticipation of Vivec.

Who is stronger Aedra or Daedra?

The Daedra are more powerful, as Shazam_1 stated, in that they have greater ability to act because the Aedra gave up some of their power to create Mundus.

Is Molag Bal evil?

Molag Bal is an evil Daedric Prince in the Elder Scrolls series whose sphere of influence is domination and enslavement of mortals. He serves as the main antagonist of The Elder Scrolls Online. While Mehrunes Dagon is a more active threat, Molag Bal is by far the more malevolent.

Was Molag Bal a human?

Like all the Daedric Princes, Molag Bal has no definite gender. Most often, however, he appears to his followers as male. Sigillah Parate mentions in her spiritual commentary that she belonged to a cult known as the “Witches of Molag Bal,” where Molag Bal often appeared to its members in the guise of a mortal female.

Can you kill the vigilant of Stendarr?

User Info: Chunhwa. Yep, no quest or anything but I believe you can slaughter them in the Hall of the Vigilant. They are a rather cocky lot, among other things presuming to hunt werewolves, the ultimate hunters.

Why does Molag Bal hate Boethiah?

Why do Molag Bal and Boethiah hate each other? … Molag Bal is a King. A tyrant King, but a King nonetheless (there’s a reason Vivec learned the secret syllable of Royalty from him), and this means, mythically, that he is a defender of the status quo. Boethiah is a Rebel.

What happens if you don’t kill vigilant tyranus?

A disembodied voice tells the Dragonborn to kill Tyranus. If they do not respond, Tyranus is driven mad by the disembodied voice and will say “it’s you or me,” then attacks. In any case, Tyranus must be killed so that the Dragonborn can exit the Abandoned House.

Why is Boethiah a good Daedra?

The Good / Bad Daedra division is just a Dunmeri/Chimeri concept rooted in their history. … Boethiah taught Veloth and the Chimer of the Psijic Endeavour, Lorkhan’s test, and is at the key of the Velothi idea that one should constantly challenge oneself to endure and surpass hardship.

Do you have to kill Logrolf?

Attack Logrolf (any means of attacking can be used; the Mace does not have to be used) until he submits to Molag Bal. He will be killed during the first time beating him, but Molag Bal will give the Dragonborn a second chance. Once he submits, the Dragonborn is instructed to kill him.

Is Molag Bal a vampire?

Molag Bal created the first vampire. A deal with Lord Harkon and his family turned them into Vampire Lords. … The first vampire happened when old Bal invented rape. The experience killed the woman involved, and caused her to rise on her funeral pyre as the first pureblooded vampire.