How Do You Hide Clip Rings On Curtains?

How Big Should curtain rings be?

What size ring do I need.

Rings should typically be around 1/2″ larger than the rod they will be used with.

For example, a 3/4″ rod would use 1 1/4″ rings and a 1″ rod would use 1 1/2″ rings..

How do you use cafe curtain clips?

Spread out the curtain on a table or another flat surface with the top edge of the curtain toward you.Squeeze a cafe curtain ring or clip to open it. If the ring is a solid piece, squeeze the loop of the ring to open the claw. … Slide the opened claw or clip onto the upper edge of the curtain and release the pressure.

What kind of curtains do you use with clip rings?

Curtain ring clips work the best with flat panels, but they also work with rod pocket curtains. Flatten the pocket, and secure the clips to the top edge of the panel.

How far apart should clip rings be placed on curtains?

approximately four inchesI like to space ring clips approximately four inches apart so that there is a handsome fold between each clip in the drapery panel. Start by clipping each end of the panel. Next, clip the middle. Finally, space the clips evenly apart as close to 4 inches as possible.

Can you hang rod pocket curtains with clips?

Hooks or curtain ring clips can be used on rod-pocket curtains. … Specialty curtain rings with clips attached allow you to hang any type of lightweight or medium-weight curtains from a curtain rod.

How much weight can curtain clips hold?

Each curtain clip ring can hold up to 3 pounds (1.3 kg); the set of seven offers a total weight capacity of up to 21 pounds. Use the ultra-versatile rings to attach anything from lightweight breezy curtains to heavier privacy drapes.

How many curtain panels do I need for one window?

Determine the number of panels you need to order: ~ Multiply window width by 1.5 to 2 if you want curtains loosely gathered for a relaxed, tailored look. Divide your total by the width of a single curtain panel to get the number of panels you need.

How many curtain rings should I use?

Take that measurement and divide it by eight. This is the minimum number of rings you want to use to hang the curtain. You can also take the length measurement and divide it by four to get the maximum number of rings you will need. The general rule is to place a ring every four to eight inches.